Saturday, August 20, 2011

ZippieZipper: the winner is.....

Reading the post title at ZippieZipper's giveaway winner announcement made my heart pound with excitement, did I win the pouch???

My eyes quickly scanned the photos + winners, first there is the pencil case and the winner is Intan. Wow, congratulations Intan! :)

Second, there is the ketupat thingy, and the winner is Dwi Putri! Congrats Sis! :)

Third, there is the zippie bag, and the winner is Piena Mustika! Woohoo! Congrats!

And fourth, the last prize ... the zippie pouch ... (my heart almost stopped!) 
and the winner is ... ME!!!! 

*I'm almost fainting here!*  

Oh, wow! My first participation in a giveaway and I WON! Yippeeee! Can't tell you how excited I am!

Thank you Mba Nia from ZippieZipper! I'm sooooo happy! Muahh muahh!!!
I promise to take good care of it .. and call it 'Zippy', lol!

Lesson for the day: 'Never be afraid to try!' :)

And now, I'm back to celebratin' .. !

Let's do the 'bloo', people! Oh yeah, oh yeah!!! ;)

Here's the link to ZippieZipper's post: ZippieZipper: the winner is.....

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