Sunday, August 14, 2011

Buttons, buttons, buttonsss ep. 2 ... :P


Out of 250 pcs I ordered last time, I could still saved 12 pcs of the heart-shaped buttons for myself ... pheww, that was too close, people ... :P

But I owed a big thank you to all BBC's wonderful customers who had booked the buttons ahead of their arrivals. Hopefully those cuties will make your handmade creations even prettier than pretty ... amen! 

And for those who had missed out August pre-order, here's a sneak peek of more cuties for September ... don't tell anyone! * hihihi *

Just click on the pic for a larger image.

Will be ready:
A - 30 pcs     B - 30 pcs
C - 50 pcs     D - 30 pcs
E - 50 pcs     F - 30 pcs

Happy crafting! ^^

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