Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday Crafting - Bird Mobile

Happy Sunday everyone!

There's something about Sunday mornings that I can't quite pin down - is it because Sunday is a family day, where each family members can fully enjoy each other's company from sun up till bed time? Could be, well, at least it happens in my family :)

It is during this blissful time that I could sit down and browse fresh new ideas from other crafters' blogs for my craft inspiration, and today my attention got snagged on this work of art - it was a bird mobile project, an old post by Laura from Spool Sewing last May 16, 2008.

Check this out:

Bird mobile project from Spoolsewing

Detail on the birds

Use of various patterned fabric for the birds
Luckily, I had previously ordered some fabric pieces from a fellow Facebook onlineshop, Juvin Art Souvenir. They were supposed to be my 'guinea pig' for my headband project but they turned out perfectly cut for building my soft birdies.
Some of the recently bought printed cotton fabric (and buttons)
Laura's blog also include the free PDF pattern for the bird [click here].  This is for personal use only and not for selling.

for illustration purposes only
So I cut the patterns and trace it on my fabric with a fabric marker - [tip: during pattern cutting, I always cut on the sewing line, the additional seam line can be added later during fabric cutting; hence I get a precise trace from the fabric marker when I sew the pieces together. my rule: trace on the wrong side of the fabric]

For the fabric marker, I used my Giotto Decor that I bought from Cici Konde, another fellow FB olshopper who also sells her beautifully made whimsical crafts online.  I use whatever tools I have on hand so the Giotto Decor will do (and to my delight, it worked perfectly!).

Without further ado, I got to work, adding a little piece of scrap trimming and a 17mm heart button ... and VOILA!  My very own bird softie! 

[i know, i know .. I still need to work on the other birds but it's very exhilarating to get your first 'baby step' done, lol!)

Enjoy and happy crafting {while I'm on a hunt for the perfect twigs and branches!

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