Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have Faith in What You Do ...

At first I was pessimistic, who would buy the stuff I made? Would people like them?  I saw many mass-produced crafts that got a lot of orders especially those of the wedding souvenir kinds whilst mine are mostly limited editions (hey, I only got two hands! ^o^)
But then, during one of her visits, my Mom told me not to worry too much and have faith in what I do ... Sooo, finally I put up some stuffs for sale at Blessedly Blissful Craftstore and  .. VOILA!
People are buying MY stuffs!
I almost fainted ... *O*
Therefore, I would like to thank Sew Stories, Sis Lila Imelda Sari, Sis Annie Hong, Sis Heni Wu, Sis Benang ManiQ, Sis Rina Darwayanti, and Sis Yulia Purnamawati for being my first customers! ((Big Cyber Hugs!)) ^_^

Decorating on a Budget

I came across this wonderful DIY project from TipJunkie, it's easy to make and easy on the pocket, too! ^_^
Here's the link: Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor

For my love of felt, I made one and she came out beautifully.  Didn't take long for her to sit on Blessedly Blissful's store shelf, it received a lot of positive reviews and got sold right away! Oh, my!

Sew sew sew ...

Early evening yesterday, I finally got a chance to learn how to operate my 20 yr-old sewing machine ... [Yes, it's mine. 20 yr-old and I almost NEVER used the damn thing!] The machine is in great condition since I had it fixed on December last year .. Umm, yeah .. it had to wait for another half year before I even turned it on again (talk about procrastination!)  Oh well, I'm just glad that finally I can sew ... *fanfare in the background*

Hello World!

It's early am here in Tangerang, Indonesia - my eyes are heavy (alias 'sepet') but my heart is singing with joy .. yup, I'm celebrating the birth of my new blog - Mad Crafter At Work!
Sooooo, sit back and relax, hope that you'll enjoy the ride! ^_^