Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY - Vintage Inspired Art

I don't know when did I start liking vintage things - but I do know that my collection is growing more and more each time.  For sure, my mom's antique gallery-like house has the biggest influence on my artistic expressions/collections, if I might say so ...

Oops, wrong house! Heh heh .. :P

It so happen that I didn't marry a billionaire (which is okay by me) - even if I couldn't buy expensive artworks - the solution is actually very simple. 

I make my own art.
Yeah, you  could do that, too - for yourself and for others, even. :)

For me, there's nothing more artfully satisfying whenever I succeeded in turning an empty 'canvas' (or even a packet of white cement) into something beautiful, something that I could appreciate and cherish ...

{aaawwww ... starting to get mushy here! Some one please get me a swimming pool!!!}

Let's start with some of my personal favorites!

My first choice would be this little garden statue - she was born from a mold that I purchased directly from England.  Isn't she a real beauty?  I just love every details on her.

An english garden mini statue - white cement

And here are some  of the collages/artwork that I had done in the past few months ...

in remembrance of my cat, Tigerlily
(been missing since last month) :'(

Two commissioned scrapbook-influenced profile logos that I did for an FB friend

This one was the first vintage logo I made for BBC

Some of my friends had asked me where did I get those honest to goodness, gorgeous vintage graphics ... did I buy them online, googled them, etc. But the answer is a big 


You could get all the vintage graphics you want for FREE!

Don't believe me? 

Check out the Graphics Fairy
It's a very special, special blog managed by Karen - God bless her soul! :)

You could 'process' these images with your favorite program, even a Microsoft Powerpoint would do.  Well, if you're good at Photoshop, that's even better.

You could even make some money selling your art, check out or even Ebay.

So, start creating people!  Your art is waiting for ya ..

My next post will be another DIY - Turning Trash into Treasure ep. 2, stay tuned!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday Crafting - Bird Mobile

Happy Sunday everyone!

There's something about Sunday mornings that I can't quite pin down - is it because Sunday is a family day, where each family members can fully enjoy each other's company from sun up till bed time? Could be, well, at least it happens in my family :)

It is during this blissful time that I could sit down and browse fresh new ideas from other crafters' blogs for my craft inspiration, and today my attention got snagged on this work of art - it was a bird mobile project, an old post by Laura from Spool Sewing last May 16, 2008.

Check this out:

Bird mobile project from Spoolsewing

Detail on the birds

Use of various patterned fabric for the birds
Luckily, I had previously ordered some fabric pieces from a fellow Facebook onlineshop, Juvin Art Souvenir. They were supposed to be my 'guinea pig' for my headband project but they turned out perfectly cut for building my soft birdies.
Some of the recently bought printed cotton fabric (and buttons)
Laura's blog also include the free PDF pattern for the bird [click here].  This is for personal use only and not for selling.

for illustration purposes only
So I cut the patterns and trace it on my fabric with a fabric marker - [tip: during pattern cutting, I always cut on the sewing line, the additional seam line can be added later during fabric cutting; hence I get a precise trace from the fabric marker when I sew the pieces together. my rule: trace on the wrong side of the fabric]

For the fabric marker, I used my Giotto Decor that I bought from Cici Konde, another fellow FB olshopper who also sells her beautifully made whimsical crafts online.  I use whatever tools I have on hand so the Giotto Decor will do (and to my delight, it worked perfectly!).

Without further ado, I got to work, adding a little piece of scrap trimming and a 17mm heart button ... and VOILA!  My very own bird softie! 

[i know, i know .. I still need to work on the other birds but it's very exhilarating to get your first 'baby step' done, lol!)

Enjoy and happy crafting {while I'm on a hunt for the perfect twigs and branches!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY - Mad About (Wooden) Buttons

A couple of days ago I put up 100 pcs of 18mm heart floral buttons for sale at Blessedly Blissful CraftStore, and sure enough, they got 'adopted' pretty quickly by our customers. 

But the funny thing was, most had no idea what to do with them (yet!) :) 

bigger 3mm floral wood buttons

Soooo, hopefully this post could provide some simple ideas on what to do with these little cuties, and their bigger cousins {of course! :P}. 

You could:

1.  apply it on your plushie, it sure would make a pretty accessory to your soft toy collection

{now Ellie has a heart! well, two hearts really, as another heart is placed on her other side ;) is it me or does Ellie seem to be smiling now? awwww .. how cute!} 
2. apply it on a hair clip (with the help of mr. glue gun) - you can add extra ribbons, yarn or even glue on smaller buttons on it (in the case of the bigger wooden buttons - which are also on sale at BBC).

3. add a magnet to the backside of the button - and VOILA! Your very own beautiful fridge or message board magnet(s)! Imagine if you have different sizes and kinds of these buttons decorating your fridge/board, oh wow! -- absolute eye candy!

4. put it on a rink shank (and use it as a ring) or assemble it into a necklace - awesome!

This one is for illustration purposes only

Pretty easy, right?
So, go get your stuff, have fun and happy crafting! ^^

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY - From Trash to Treasure

'One man's trash is another man's treasure' 

Well, in my case, my mom's trash had become my treasure! Check it out ...

Found this one stacked unceremoniously on top of another in front of my Mom's storage room aka 'gudang'.  My hubby must have silently said 'Uh, Oh!' when he saw the sparks in my eyes ... :D

So, off went the chair (it was one of a pair) for a half hour drive to my house, where it would endure a lot of washing and scrubbing, a little bit of sanding and later, of course, globs of white paint.  

On the next morning, it took me a good 2 hours to finish painting the chair (in my pajamas) - I gave it 2 coats of paints for a smooth, classic look - too bad I didn't have any primer, but a girl had to do with what a girl had on hand, so ... VOILA!!

You can hardly recognize it, as the chair looks 'new' again!

I've put a reminder to buy some acrylic spray later, just to preserve the white coat.  

Sigh ... with a nice and comfy cushion this chair would look like a million dollar! {At least for me ... as it's now MINE, ALL MINE! MUAHAHAH!} 

Well, maybe not ... :P

Ps: Hmmm ... I'd better make a second trip to mom's to pickup the other chair .. maybe paint it black this time? Would make a great his and her chair wouldn't they? The possibilities are endless ...  :) 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Days! They're HERE!!

Hello World!

Ooo, it feels so good to be back ... after all the month-long fasting and big two-days filled-with-delicious food celebration of Eid, my head are filled to the brim with ideas and other stuffs to be shared .. =)

But first, I'd like to update you with THESE yummies ....

Remember my previous post about winning a cool zippy pouch from Zippie Zipper {and the winner is ...}?  Well, it's here! ^O^

Last August 25, 2011

Package no. 1
The first package to open {of course!}

found this circle of zipper ...

halfway there ... starting to look like a pouch ;)

aaand ... voila!  what a treasure!! {love}

What's more, my best friend from Apuu Handmadeshop dropped by to deliver this cute custom-order wristlet pouch for me --

see why I ordered this pouch? all my 4 kids are there! ^_^

Let's continue on to package no. 2 & 3 ...
These came from Shanghai!  Must be the buttons from PO-August
for Blessedly Blissful CraftStore! ^O^

OOO .. the big buttons are here!!! Aren't they GORGEOUS??

Look at the cutesy mini buttons, the ladies must be thrilled to see this :)
Oh wow, the charm dangles are here too! Yay!!

Marvelous! They look exactly just like in this pic!!

What a surprise, package no. 4 and 5 arrived an hour later!

OMG! These must be the hijamon pins from Pepo Loco & cookies from Dapoer d'Pratt!

Woot .. woot! I so dig these four hijamon pins, they look just like MY 4 KIDS, lol .. 
Awww .. bless her soul, Ibu Prat just sent me yummy cheese sticks, choco chips and cornflakes!! her choco chips cookies just melt in your mouth, always a favorite!
Oh wow, what a day! It was just like having a visit from Santa .. God bless you Mr. postman/courierman/um .. whatever! :))  and I think that's all for now.  {actually I have two other deliveries but I'll just save it for my next post ;)}

Promise to catch up later! :)