Thursday, August 4, 2011

Using Free Online-Ad Sites

Morning all!

You know, having a wide exposure is important for your business. The wider your exposure the wider your audience and the better chance for you to build your customer base.

That's why aside from running my Blessedly Blissful CraftStore from FaceBook, I also use other Free-Ad sites such as Toko Bagus, OLX and Tokopedia.  Right now I'm still setting up my shop at Tokopedia but the other two stores are running like a charm ^O^.

In fact, this guy was custom-ordered from my shop at Toko Bagus for a customer's anniversary gift!

So, never say never and don't be afraid to always try new stuff as there are soooo many opportunities out there {if you know where to look ... :)}

Keep faith in doing what you love!

Happy Days!!

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