Saturday, August 20, 2011

ZippieZipper: the winner is.....

Reading the post title at ZippieZipper's giveaway winner announcement made my heart pound with excitement, did I win the pouch???

My eyes quickly scanned the photos + winners, first there is the pencil case and the winner is Intan. Wow, congratulations Intan! :)

Second, there is the ketupat thingy, and the winner is Dwi Putri! Congrats Sis! :)

Third, there is the zippie bag, and the winner is Piena Mustika! Woohoo! Congrats!

And fourth, the last prize ... the zippie pouch ... (my heart almost stopped!) 
and the winner is ... ME!!!! 

*I'm almost fainting here!*  

Oh, wow! My first participation in a giveaway and I WON! Yippeeee! Can't tell you how excited I am!

Thank you Mba Nia from ZippieZipper! I'm sooooo happy! Muahh muahh!!!
I promise to take good care of it .. and call it 'Zippy', lol!

Lesson for the day: 'Never be afraid to try!' :)

And now, I'm back to celebratin' .. !

Let's do the 'bloo', people! Oh yeah, oh yeah!!! ;)

Here's the link to ZippieZipper's post: ZippieZipper: the winner is.....

Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY - Designing your own name card ep. 3 (final)

They're HERE!!! Yay,  BBC's namecards have finally arrived!

Thank you Sis Shela Nie!

Ooo, I love happy endings, don't you? :)

Here's me wishing you a great weekend! Cheers!

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The Angry Birds Experience *_*


Just last week I got an order for 60 pcs of 'Angry Birds' keyrings as birthday goodie bag filler from my favorite customer - yay! Officially the first big order for BBC! ^_^   

{well, maybe not much for a wedding souvenir supplier, but for a single fighter like me, this was quite a BIG job plus I hadn't done this before, heh heh}

And sure enough ... I was pushed almost to my limit since I had to divide my time between doing the motherly and wifey chores, caring for my 4 children (including a 2 year old little miss want to know it all plus a nosy brat of a cat), and meeting the deadline for the birds.

Deadline ... Ooo, what a scary word .. and this is my closest brush with Mr. Deadline :)


I know that this will not be pretty, but I had to admit that I did procrastinate in the beginning {ouch!}. 

I shouldn't have done it - cuz if I hadn't, I would have more time to sleep, less crankiness in the morning, well, you know ... the whole package that comes with them. Worse, there were several times that I panicked - like when the pickup guy was supposed to arrive in 3 hours and I haven't even started on the last batch (the bomb bird). Oh dear!

But then I remembered seeing this saying at Shabby Blogs so I repeated it several times in my head:

After taking a few deep breaths, I finally calmed myself and carried on ...

and finished all 50 birds and 10 pigs! Tadaaaa! What a RELIEF!!


My moral of the story: 

Rule no. 1:  NEVER ... with all capitals ... PROCRASTINATE! 'Cuz if you combine it with DEADLINE and your other RESPONSIBILITIES, they don't mix well together ... :P

Rule no. 2:  DON'T PANIC, you may make mistakes when you do. I did attached two keychains on the birds' butts, not the heads, lol!!  So, remember to always 'Keep calm and carry on ...'

Rule no. 3: WORK WITH A SYSTEM, i.e: when working on big orders like these, cut all the basic patterns first.  This will make it easier (and faster) to assemble later. It may be a little boring at the beginning but you'll appreciate it later.

Well, I think that's a wrap, hope you all enjoy reading this post :)

Happy crafting! ^_^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Buttons, buttons, buttonsss ep. 2 ... :P


Out of 250 pcs I ordered last time, I could still saved 12 pcs of the heart-shaped buttons for myself ... pheww, that was too close, people ... :P

But I owed a big thank you to all BBC's wonderful customers who had booked the buttons ahead of their arrivals. Hopefully those cuties will make your handmade creations even prettier than pretty ... amen! 

And for those who had missed out August pre-order, here's a sneak peek of more cuties for September ... don't tell anyone! * hihihi *

Just click on the pic for a larger image.

Will be ready:
A - 30 pcs     B - 30 pcs
C - 50 pcs     D - 30 pcs
E - 50 pcs     F - 30 pcs

Happy crafting! ^^

DIY - Designing your own name card ep. 2

Someone STOP me from dancing! Yeah, baby!!

Just got great news that the previous olshop had agreed to print out my cards and they will be ready latest by Thursday! Woohooooooo!  Can't tell you how happy I am!

Thank you Sis 'Shela Nie' .. u're the BEST! Muah muah muahhhh ...! Two thumbs UP! :)

{Wondering maybe you're one of my blog readers and have read the previous blog entry?

Oops, he he he ...}

DIY - Designing your own name card

As Blessedly Blissful CraftStore (aka BBC) is steadily growing (thanks to God!), I realized {a bit ironically} that now she needs a formal name card.

Why ironic? Cuz in my hectic schedule of making logos and stuff for my customers, I haven't done a single formal logo for my own store *smirking sheepishly*.

So here's what I made for BBC myself, in 20 minutes top, using Photoshop:

1st try - I love bird cages, so I used this image that I purchased online (commercial license OK) for my logo.  I added a yellow ribbon as an accent too - but the card still lacks information, so I added more info using a playful 'Juicy'  font, see below:

 2nd try - looks better, but I'm still forgetting something! o ho! my email address! 

3rd try - changed my font for the address to a stubbier 'Arial Narrow', so the email address would fit in nicely without sacrificing the space in between the address and the list of BBC's products.

Hmmm .. not too bad! :)

I was thinking of adding my blog info into the card, but aesthetically speaking, there is practically no more space on the poor thing.

{Of course I could add more info at the back of the card, but that would affect the printing cost, or, I could make the BBC writing smaller, but I don't want that .. }

Sooooo ... I'll go with my 3rd try and excitedly contacted my fellow FB olshopper that specializes in card and label printing - she's having a special 5 box for Rp. 100,000 promo for a certain period of time - hopefully I could still get it.

Guess what?

She replied that printing would have to wait for until AFTER Lebaran {that's a good 2 weeks from NOW} and the promo period just ended YESTERDAY!


{the end to be continued}

NOTE: On the lookout for a good and reasonably priced printing shop .. any suggestions?  ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buttons, buttons, buttonsss ... :P

Sometimes it's very frustrating for me if I can't get the props I need for my craft - such as these cutesy buttons ...

Really! Aren't they the cutest buttons on earth?!

So I hunted them down and ordered a good number for each type - I can't pick which one is my favorite!  And sure enough, these little darlings were a hot sell in my 'Blessedly Blissful CraftStore'.

They're actually embellishment for scrapbooking but for the crafty mind of a crafty crafter (wow, that's a mouthful, lol!), there are hundreds of ways to use these buttons in her creations ...

 17mm floral heart wooden buttons

15mm round floral wooden buttons

25mm round floral wooden buttons

*need to remember to keep some for myself, lol ...*

I'll post more on my creations using these pretties, so stay tuned! ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Using Free Online-Ad Sites

Morning all!

You know, having a wide exposure is important for your business. The wider your exposure the wider your audience and the better chance for you to build your customer base.

That's why aside from running my Blessedly Blissful CraftStore from FaceBook, I also use other Free-Ad sites such as Toko Bagus, OLX and Tokopedia.  Right now I'm still setting up my shop at Tokopedia but the other two stores are running like a charm ^O^.

In fact, this guy was custom-ordered from my shop at Toko Bagus for a customer's anniversary gift!

So, never say never and don't be afraid to always try new stuff as there are soooo many opportunities out there {if you know where to look ... :)}

Keep faith in doing what you love!

Happy Days!!

Photo Editing for Your Business

Sometimes, using wordy or written advertisement is not enough to attract you customers into buying - but using visual advertisement  - such as below example - could gain you the competitive advantage :)

Original picture:

Processed advert:

Additional information:

Another example:

Processed advert:

Additional info:

Look more enticing, don't they? ^_^

These are some of the designs ordered by a friend. It's still unfinished as I need to put her contact details somewhere in the pics, he he he ... I've known her for years and I know by heart that her talent is in kitchen craft - her cookies and bistik lidah saus krim keju are TO-DIE-FOR!

As we speak, she'll be selling online soon.  Anyone interested to buy her wonderful-scrumptious-to-goodness cookies or my design to perk up your merchandise, just drop me a line / inbox me ... :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Morning Walk with the Kiddos

Today is the 2nd day of Ramadhan, the fasting month.

My girls and I have agreed to take early morning walks everyday after we eat our 'sahur', as this kind of light sport activity would be very beneficial and yet not too taxing on the kids ...

Besides, there are lots of interesting things to see and explore, as you can see from the pics that we took along the way:

Well, gotta get back to work now, I hope that you enjoy today's post {actually, very short post} and I'd like to wish you a Happy Ramadhan!

ZippieZipper: giVeaway yey yeyyy...

Oh!  Lookey lookey ..

There is a very talented lady at ZippieZipper  having a GIVEAWAYYYYY!
{fanfare in the background} ...
Check it out, gals!

Click on the link below:

ZippieZipper: giVeaway yey yeyyy...

Psst, I hope to win the zip pouch, heh heh ... I think it's super! (as I never had a pouch made from zippers before!) :)

If you want to participate, just follow the instructions and here's me wishing you all good luck! :)