Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY - From Trash to Treasure ep. 2

Last Sept. 19, I posted this picture of my 'On the Go' Mini Pincushion on BBC's status, entitled 'Recycle - from trash to treasure'

'Dari rol karton bekas gulungan benang smok, sisa kain katun print dan flanel, satu kancing kayu uk. kecil dan kertas karton, hotmelt glue, sedikit dakron dan jahitan, jadilah kreasi seperti ini .. :)'

And from my last post, I promised you some quick trash to treasure tutorial, so here goes:  

Mini Pincushion Tutorial
  1. Collect the materials that you have on hand: scrap cotton fabric, used cardboard tube, 2 pieces of felt scraps, leftover lace for decoration, wooden button (if available), and some polyfill (dacron) and a length of thread;
  2. Measure one of the felt to fit the bottom of the core - trim it nicely;
  3. Cut the bigger felt scrap into a rough circle, doesn't have to be perfect as you will sew up the bottom  anyway (see step 4);
  4. Sew the felt (see pic. 4) and pull the string - filling the felt with the polyfill as you go ... make sure to make it nice and round;
  5. Place the core on the wrong side of the fabric to measure up the length needed for wrapping;
  6. (I used zigzag fabric scissor on one side of the fabric, to prevent fraying) - place a double tape on one side (yep, I used double tape - or you can use hotmelt glue instead) and roll the core to a perfect wrap;
  7. (picture of a wrapped core - don't worry about the excess fabric on the sides)
  8. Line the inside of the core with hotmelt glue and tuck in the excess fabric, be careful when using your fingers to do this as the glue is very hot (duh, that's why they call it 'hotmelt glue'!), I prefer to use a stick to press down the fabrics instead.  When done, add some more hot glue on top of the tucked fabric and pop in the round felt 'ball'. Push it in and check if the glue had secured the 'ball'  perfectly - then finish up the other end just like the first;
  9. Lastly, add some hotmelt glue to the end part of the core and place the felt from step 2 (see pic. 9).
There, all you need to do now is add some embellishment as you like (I used a stretchy lace that I bought from Irmawati Sewcraft, an FB onlineshop!) plus a green wooden button to add more charm and ... VOILA!!

Not bad, eh? You can do this in a jiffy :)

And check out what our friend Mba Ichii from Goodthinks had created, for her version of the mini pincushion:

Total cuteness!!

Hope you like this post as much as I do, and don't forget ...


Happy crafting y'all!