Friday, August 19, 2011

The Angry Birds Experience *_*


Just last week I got an order for 60 pcs of 'Angry Birds' keyrings as birthday goodie bag filler from my favorite customer - yay! Officially the first big order for BBC! ^_^   

{well, maybe not much for a wedding souvenir supplier, but for a single fighter like me, this was quite a BIG job plus I hadn't done this before, heh heh}

And sure enough ... I was pushed almost to my limit since I had to divide my time between doing the motherly and wifey chores, caring for my 4 children (including a 2 year old little miss want to know it all plus a nosy brat of a cat), and meeting the deadline for the birds.

Deadline ... Ooo, what a scary word .. and this is my closest brush with Mr. Deadline :)


I know that this will not be pretty, but I had to admit that I did procrastinate in the beginning {ouch!}. 

I shouldn't have done it - cuz if I hadn't, I would have more time to sleep, less crankiness in the morning, well, you know ... the whole package that comes with them. Worse, there were several times that I panicked - like when the pickup guy was supposed to arrive in 3 hours and I haven't even started on the last batch (the bomb bird). Oh dear!

But then I remembered seeing this saying at Shabby Blogs so I repeated it several times in my head:

After taking a few deep breaths, I finally calmed myself and carried on ...

and finished all 50 birds and 10 pigs! Tadaaaa! What a RELIEF!!


My moral of the story: 

Rule no. 1:  NEVER ... with all capitals ... PROCRASTINATE! 'Cuz if you combine it with DEADLINE and your other RESPONSIBILITIES, they don't mix well together ... :P

Rule no. 2:  DON'T PANIC, you may make mistakes when you do. I did attached two keychains on the birds' butts, not the heads, lol!!  So, remember to always 'Keep calm and carry on ...'

Rule no. 3: WORK WITH A SYSTEM, i.e: when working on big orders like these, cut all the basic patterns first.  This will make it easier (and faster) to assemble later. It may be a little boring at the beginning but you'll appreciate it later.

Well, I think that's a wrap, hope you all enjoy reading this post :)

Happy crafting! ^_^

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