Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mad Crafter at Work at Craft Gossip :)

Remember my Felt Label tutorial?

I followed an advice from a good friend of mine, mba Dini Capungmungil, to submit it to Linda Lanese at the Craft Gossip and here it is! [mba Dini had her own tutorial featured here earlier]

Mad Crafter at Work has a FELT LABEL – Just for the Fun of it tutorial that may get your creative juices flowing.  This is an adorable project we can all do
Thank you, mba Dini and Linda^^

Want to share your own original tutorial at Craft Gossip?  Just submit by clicking this 'Send Us Gossip' folder. You would need to fill in a simple form (i.e.: email, link to your blog, simple description on your tuto. etc/ :)) and click to send ^^ 

Happy Sharing (and crafting!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY - Glass Pendants Tutorial

Every Friday we share crafting tutorials in the Indonesian Crafters group on Facebook, and today I'm going to share mine.

You have probably seen my store updates on the latest Sister Love Collection glass pendants, and this is how I made those darlings:

awesome, this had just arrived yesterday!
my favorite supplier always give a top notch service. i totally {heart} this
i forgot to include the cotton bud, but it's readily available in you household [i hope!]

if you're using a purchased collage sheet, make sure it's okay for commercial use, always check the seller's TOU!  NEVER use something that's not yours to sell.

sorry for the blurry pic, I was half asleep when I took this :P

leave it until the glue is completely cured ... for smaller tiles it's okay to leave them sunny side up:)
[i always glue at night and let them out to rest]

i used a different glass tile just to illustrate
i'm sure you could trim better than this, lol!

note: the sealant would make your image looks a bit darker, but if you're going for that vintage / old feel then just go for it, if you don't want a darker shade, just use modpodge
yay, you're almost there!
just add another coat of modpodge lightly onto the back and place it firmly on the frame setting/bezel, and have another coffee/tea/jog around the yard

when you return, check if the glue has dried off and no stain appears on the image [when it did, just wash everything in the water, peel the sheet off and do it all over again :P]

... and VOILA!  there you have it! ^^

if you had purchased one or a couple of my glass pendants, and had accidentally took them for a swim/bathe, just peel everything OFF and place your favorite photo/picture as replacement. 
it will go on and on like this and you will have so many memories that you could share with others through a simple glass pendant.

oh I almost forgot, as the nature of glass is prone to chipping/cracking, these pendants are not suitable for children. you could replace the glass with a resin sticker instead ^^
happy crafting, y'all!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Simple Headband for Naf

Sometimes when I got too much on my hand, I just do something different to give my mind a break.  

Watching Nafisa playing in the garden just made me want to create something pretty to tame her wild curly hair. 

and she loved it!

'a little gift of love does go a long way' 

... and now back to work people! Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sister Love Collection V - A Store Update

I uploaded these darlings onto BBC's album last Sunday, March 11, 2012:

Pearl of the Orient - Geisha Series
Butterfly Dreams - Old World Series
Vintage Fairies
and just couldn't believe at the response they had been getting! My goodness!

Unfortunately, there is only one of me - and a couple of hundreds of these beauties, all to be assembled by hands with TLC. 

Hence, I couldn't help but shut down the Sister Love albums starting yesterday (after airing 2 days) so I could take care of the orders received .. sniff ... a girl had to do what a girl has to do - it must be done - I need time to finish everything the way I wanted it to be.


So thank you God, Reni, and all BBC's wonderful friends and customers out there ^^ XOXOXO

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sister Love Collection - Newest Member

Yep, it had finally arrived ... 
the elusive 18mm adjustable antique bronze rings {heart}!

These are the perfect match for SL - Set A, B, C, D

Currently available at a very affordable price at my store
(but maybe not for long, they usually disappear very fast ;))

s.o.  c.o.m.e.  a.n.d.  g.e.t.  i.t.

Monday, March 5, 2012

IC Admins March Giveaway

In this rare occasion the 5 Indonesian Crafters admins, namely: 
  • mba Dini from Capungmungil (IC group moderator), 
  • mba Ira from Mamak Ira (IC multiply admin), 
  • mba Chesie from Miss Chesie (IC 'arisan' admin), 
  • mba Dini Kurnianing (IC blog admin) from Kupunya Handmade and myself,
  • Nuning from the Mad Crafter @Work (IC new member admin),
had finally joined forces to fight evil .. umm, eheh heh heh , sorry, got too carried away - I had actually pictured us wearing Power Ranger costumes, but promise not to tell the others .. *wink wink ...


Anyhoo, each of us had prepared 2 special gifts, totalling 10 gifts for 10 lucky readers out there :)

Curious? Take a peek:

Bird and Dolphin Plushies (1 each)
Macaroon and Kitty Plushies (1 each)  
2 Lunch - Bento Bags
Love Pillow and Pink Kitty Plushie (1 each)  
1 set vintage matryoshka keyring + bracelet &
1 Sue Sunbonnet wall decor

Click HERE to join - good luck :)

Old Post Revisited: 'Buffalo Shower at Mekarsari - Hold the Soap!'

Here's an old post that I sometimes visit to read and laugh silly at, that I wanted to share with you :)


Buffalo Shower at Mekarsari (Hold The Soap!)

It's been a long time since our last trip to Mekarsari, if I remembered it right, we had it on July 3, 2008. The girls were brimming with excitement.  They wore new pink t-shirts and girly jeans that I bought only the day before. Yes, it was actually a school field trip for Dinda (3rd grade) and Zadia's (1st grade), so, we had to ride the tour bus together with, say, about half the school's population?  
And you really, really don't want to know how super noisy it was! Uggh.  
'Hey, our bus was the only one with a toilet! Woohoo!'
But the noise didn't even compare to what I had to endure during the trip.
You see, there were 4 big-sized tour buses for our transportation, and guess what?  Our bus was the only one with a toilet! Whoa! That sure brought our travelling experience to another level, right?
Well, not quite.
Although the extra comfort facility was deemed as a luxury, I for one, thought otherwise.
Let me zip you back to the event of our arrival  at the school yard. You see, we arrived late for the morning assembly.  And because of it, we were the last to board the bus.  Hence, all the front and middle seats were taken and the backseat was the only option for me to sit on.  
And, ummm, did I tell you that the backseat was located right next to the bus' toilet? Horrifying!
I will let you do the math:
32 kids/bus (2 kids peed twice and once for the rest) + limited water in the bus' water reserve stinky pee smell + utter desperation and difficulty in breathing (on my part)
Lucky for my girls though.  All students were instructed to sit in the front while all parents and teachers had to sit behind them. My one and only consolation was that the person sitting next to me (who had to endure the same torture) - was the school's head principle, Mr. Azwir.  Well, it took 2-hour journey from the assembly point to Mekarsari and upon arrival, we were the only passengers left wearing sickly 'green' faces.
Before I forgot, let me give you a little bit of background on the place, which I took from their official website (
"Mekarsari Amazing Tourism Park (MATP) is a place where one can find the wealth of Indonesia’s fruit species gathered together in a single location. It is also intended to develop and breeding of superior varieties of fruit. Mekarsari is one of the biggest tropical fruit garden in the world.
The garden is intended to create a model market garden which will nurture germplasm collection representing fruit trees, vegetables, and flowering plants. The aim here is to safeguard the genetic diversity of these plants. The 264-hectare garden is conceived as a tourist attraction who will enjoy the recreational facilities which include Canal Tour, Kid’s Fun Valley, Country Side, Melon Park, Snake fruit Garden, Deer Park, and other facilities."
I am sure you get the picture of what the hullabaloo was all about - Ecotourism.
Fish Hunt
During the session, we get to ride a mini train to tour the facilities, went to Mekarsari's own harvest market, had some KFC lunch box, engaged in the 'fish hunting' in the mud ... MUD!!
[The picture of newly bought pink tshirts and girly jeans just flashed before my eyes].
Not good.
As it turned out, the fish hunt was loud and fun.  All participants must catch the newly released fish in the muddy water. To be honest, I could barely recognize the girls.  They were all brown and icky and some other students even had mud from head to toe.  
Zadia - fish hunt

Dinda succeeded in catching one fish though, so at least there was some element of victory after all.  She was so proud of herself.

Dinda - After
Zadia - After
Buffalo Bath
After the muddy session, the kids were led to a corner where they could communally gave one lucky bufallo his bath.  Imagine. 32 kids scrubbing down a fully grown buffalo.  Some rode on his back, the others tugged at his slightly curved long horns. Heck, I would be lying if I say I was not concerned about the whole buffalo idea. But the buffalo just took it oh so calmly.
A spa experience perhaps? Maybe.
Drugged? Maybe.
Was I a bit paranoid? Yes. LOL.
Buffalo Bath

Finally, after all the hollering and giggling and squealing, the kids had their fill and retreated to the restrooms for a shower and clothes change.  They spent more time playing the bungee trampoline, pushed a giant transparent ball around, having more fun together.

Strike a pose - giant transparent ball

Return Home
And as the day was ending, we all boarded the bus (this time I got lucky to get a middle seat, THANK YOU GOD!) to return home.  
All tired, but happy.