Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY - Designing your own name card

As Blessedly Blissful CraftStore (aka BBC) is steadily growing (thanks to God!), I realized {a bit ironically} that now she needs a formal name card.

Why ironic? Cuz in my hectic schedule of making logos and stuff for my customers, I haven't done a single formal logo for my own store *smirking sheepishly*.

So here's what I made for BBC myself, in 20 minutes top, using Photoshop:

1st try - I love bird cages, so I used this image that I purchased online (commercial license OK) for my logo.  I added a yellow ribbon as an accent too - but the card still lacks information, so I added more info using a playful 'Juicy'  font, see below:

 2nd try - looks better, but I'm still forgetting something! o ho! my email address! 

3rd try - changed my font for the address to a stubbier 'Arial Narrow', so the email address would fit in nicely without sacrificing the space in between the address and the list of BBC's products.

Hmmm .. not too bad! :)

I was thinking of adding my blog info into the card, but aesthetically speaking, there is practically no more space on the poor thing.

{Of course I could add more info at the back of the card, but that would affect the printing cost, or, I could make the BBC writing smaller, but I don't want that .. }

Sooooo ... I'll go with my 3rd try and excitedly contacted my fellow FB olshopper that specializes in card and label printing - she's having a special 5 box for Rp. 100,000 promo for a certain period of time - hopefully I could still get it.

Guess what?

She replied that printing would have to wait for until AFTER Lebaran {that's a good 2 weeks from NOW} and the promo period just ended YESTERDAY!


{the end to be continued}

NOTE: On the lookout for a good and reasonably priced printing shop .. any suggestions?  ;)

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