Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Days! They're HERE!!

Hello World!

Ooo, it feels so good to be back ... after all the month-long fasting and big two-days filled-with-delicious food celebration of Eid, my head are filled to the brim with ideas and other stuffs to be shared .. =)

But first, I'd like to update you with THESE yummies ....

Remember my previous post about winning a cool zippy pouch from Zippie Zipper {and the winner is ...}?  Well, it's here! ^O^

Last August 25, 2011

Package no. 1
The first package to open {of course!}

found this circle of zipper ...

halfway there ... starting to look like a pouch ;)

aaand ... voila!  what a treasure!! {love}

What's more, my best friend from Apuu Handmadeshop dropped by to deliver this cute custom-order wristlet pouch for me --

see why I ordered this pouch? all my 4 kids are there! ^_^

Let's continue on to package no. 2 & 3 ...
These came from Shanghai!  Must be the buttons from PO-August
for Blessedly Blissful CraftStore! ^O^

OOO .. the big buttons are here!!! Aren't they GORGEOUS??

Look at the cutesy mini buttons, the ladies must be thrilled to see this :)
Oh wow, the charm dangles are here too! Yay!!

Marvelous! They look exactly just like in this pic!!

What a surprise, package no. 4 and 5 arrived an hour later!

OMG! These must be the hijamon pins from Pepo Loco & cookies from Dapoer d'Pratt!

Woot .. woot! I so dig these four hijamon pins, they look just like MY 4 KIDS, lol .. 
Awww .. bless her soul, Ibu Prat just sent me yummy cheese sticks, choco chips and cornflakes!! her choco chips cookies just melt in your mouth, always a favorite!
Oh wow, what a day! It was just like having a visit from Santa .. God bless you Mr. postman/courierman/um .. whatever! :))  and I think that's all for now.  {actually I have two other deliveries but I'll just save it for my next post ;)}

Promise to catch up later! :)

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