Sunday, January 29, 2012

End of 2011: A Rollercoaster of Emotions - A New Passion was Born

I knowww, I know ... guilty as charged ...  it's been quite awhile since my last post - so many end of year happenings happened last 2011 - some good and some bad sad. Very sad.

Maybe some of you knew that last November my dear sister Reny passed away - the hurt from losing someone so dear to my heart was so great, it stopped me from writing for almost 3 months ...

but it didn't stop me from crafting.

It was from this life experience that my 'Sister Love' collection came to be (a dear friend later told me that it was a beautiful way of remembering my Reny).  Instead of using my usual media of felt or cotton fabric, I used glass and digital images ...

Here are some of them:

My inspiration came from here, a tutorial from F Yeah Lolita blog, later on I learned more techniques from the tutorial videos found on YouTube (yay for YouTube!).

One thing though, as I prefer using transparent glass dome instead of epoxy resin, and glass by nature, is a fragile material prone to chipping or cracking, so my pretties here are NOT suitable for children :P

Up to this time, I used ready made collage sheets that I purchased online, but being the madcrafter, I wanted to create MY own digital images, madcrafter style! hehehe ... so here they are - some from my own design and some using altered cliparts from other artists, hopefully they're not too bad for a newbie ^_^

It's actually easy, you could do it too ... [so here's to you Reny, love you always Sis!]

Initials - 'M'
Matryoshka Doll - Green

Happy Crafting ^_^