Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buttons, buttons, buttonsss ... :P

Sometimes it's very frustrating for me if I can't get the props I need for my craft - such as these cutesy buttons ...

Really! Aren't they the cutest buttons on earth?!

So I hunted them down and ordered a good number for each type - I can't pick which one is my favorite!  And sure enough, these little darlings were a hot sell in my 'Blessedly Blissful CraftStore'.

They're actually embellishment for scrapbooking but for the crafty mind of a crafty crafter (wow, that's a mouthful, lol!), there are hundreds of ways to use these buttons in her creations ...

 17mm floral heart wooden buttons

15mm round floral wooden buttons

25mm round floral wooden buttons

*need to remember to keep some for myself, lol ...*

I'll post more on my creations using these pretties, so stay tuned! ;)


ichi said...

oh my god!!... klo yg buled saya punya beberapa tp yg bentuknya lov blon,,, so kiyut ya mbaaa ^^

Mad Crafter said...

hi ichi, tengkiu sudah mampirrrr :) iya nih, aku malah hampir ga kebagian {dari 250 pcs cuma kebagian 1 lusin! :O} hihihi .. kayaknya di batch ke-2 nanti ada lagi deh yang heart (not too sure) :)