Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY - From Trash to Treasure

'One man's trash is another man's treasure' 

Well, in my case, my mom's trash had become my treasure! Check it out ...

Found this one stacked unceremoniously on top of another in front of my Mom's storage room aka 'gudang'.  My hubby must have silently said 'Uh, Oh!' when he saw the sparks in my eyes ... :D

So, off went the chair (it was one of a pair) for a half hour drive to my house, where it would endure a lot of washing and scrubbing, a little bit of sanding and later, of course, globs of white paint.  

On the next morning, it took me a good 2 hours to finish painting the chair (in my pajamas) - I gave it 2 coats of paints for a smooth, classic look - too bad I didn't have any primer, but a girl had to do with what a girl had on hand, so ... VOILA!!

You can hardly recognize it, as the chair looks 'new' again!

I've put a reminder to buy some acrylic spray later, just to preserve the white coat.  

Sigh ... with a nice and comfy cushion this chair would look like a million dollar! {At least for me ... as it's now MINE, ALL MINE! MUAHAHAH!} 

Well, maybe not ... :P

Ps: Hmmm ... I'd better make a second trip to mom's to pickup the other chair .. maybe paint it black this time? Would make a great his and her chair wouldn't they? The possibilities are endless ...  :) 

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