Sunday, September 11, 2011

DIY - Mad About (Wooden) Buttons

A couple of days ago I put up 100 pcs of 18mm heart floral buttons for sale at Blessedly Blissful CraftStore, and sure enough, they got 'adopted' pretty quickly by our customers. 

But the funny thing was, most had no idea what to do with them (yet!) :) 

bigger 3mm floral wood buttons

Soooo, hopefully this post could provide some simple ideas on what to do with these little cuties, and their bigger cousins {of course! :P}. 

You could:

1.  apply it on your plushie, it sure would make a pretty accessory to your soft toy collection

{now Ellie has a heart! well, two hearts really, as another heart is placed on her other side ;) is it me or does Ellie seem to be smiling now? awwww .. how cute!} 
2. apply it on a hair clip (with the help of mr. glue gun) - you can add extra ribbons, yarn or even glue on smaller buttons on it (in the case of the bigger wooden buttons - which are also on sale at BBC).

3. add a magnet to the backside of the button - and VOILA! Your very own beautiful fridge or message board magnet(s)! Imagine if you have different sizes and kinds of these buttons decorating your fridge/board, oh wow! -- absolute eye candy!

4. put it on a rink shank (and use it as a ring) or assemble it into a necklace - awesome!

This one is for illustration purposes only

Pretty easy, right?
So, go get your stuff, have fun and happy crafting! ^^

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