Monday, April 23, 2012

Adieu Picnik :( ...

Well, it's official, Picnik is NO MORE since April 19, 2012 ..

Boo hoo ... I really love using this free online photo editor as it was oh-so-simple [and we could store our images up to 100 pics if I remembered it right (w/ premium membership)] - I hope I did remember it right, if not my mind is already slipping :P .. I had created numerous designs using Picnik, including pictures I edited for my blog and of course, my BBC shop ...

But never fear, PicMonkey is here! (thank you Picnik for the recommendation!)

So ... last night I made some trial run and here's the result:

Inspired by a pin from Landseelandeedo that I saw on Pinterest:

I made this version:

Ta - daahhh!
Heyyyy, not bad ... not bad at all!

Oh my, if only we could store our pics like Picnik, it would be oh-so-purrfect!

Yay, I'm officially HAPPY again!

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