Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mad Crafter at Work at Craft Gossip :)

Remember my Felt Label tutorial?

I followed an advice from a good friend of mine, mba Dini Capungmungil, to submit it to Linda Lanese at the Craft Gossip and here it is! [mba Dini had her own tutorial featured here earlier]

Mad Crafter at Work has a FELT LABEL – Just for the Fun of it tutorial that may get your creative juices flowing.  This is an adorable project we can all do
Thank you, mba Dini and Linda^^

Want to share your own original tutorial at Craft Gossip?  Just submit by clicking this 'Send Us Gossip' folder. You would need to fill in a simple form (i.e.: email, link to your blog, simple description on your tuto. etc/ :)) and click to send ^^ 

Happy Sharing (and crafting!)


Tata & Eka said...

OMG this is so cool!

You should submit more of your tutorial, mba..!

Congrats for being featured in one of the coolest craft site ya!

Mad Crafter said...

Hayoh mba Tata sama mba Eka ikutan submit, banyak bener kan tutorial di la conchita :) aku suka loh mampir, hihihi


Lovee your bloggg a lots <33

I followed your blog now.. Mind to follow back? ^^

Mad Crafter said...

Thank you Cindy, yes of course I'll come visit your blog and follow back ^_^

Anca Tudorache said...

Don't forget to eneter my giveaway HERE
kisses :)

obat sakit asam urat said...

nice's reallly cool...