Saturday, April 28, 2012

Preparation for a Craft Fair

As you can tell I'm very excited with my upcoming participation in the June Festival Palang Pintu Fair in Kemang (Jakarta, Indonesia). It's going to be my first craft fair - and I'm glad that I'll be sharing the booth with 3 other crafter friends (with me being the most inexperienced one). I know it's way over one month away, but being the Mad Crafter, I always LOVE to prepare ahead of time. So, after a bit of researching here and there, here are the list of things that I'll need later:
  1. Cash - in various denominations - need this incase I need to make change - plus a waist bag or apron to hold them.
  2. Receipt book - to record my sales, duh ...
  3. Business Cards - lots and lots of 'em .. and/or other promo items such as a DIY bookmarks/mini calendar as giveaways, etc.
  4. Cardboard sign 
  5. Notebook + pen + scissor - a must
  6. Calculator - I'm not my best when it comes to math, will certainly need this
  7. Merchandise bags - I'm planning to use recycled paper bags for this, got to order some soon :P
  8. Tape
  9. Rubbish bags
  10. Camera for documentation
  11. Wet & Dry tissue
  12. Mobile phone - can't do without it
  13. Containers/Cardbox/Suitcase to carry all my stuff.
  14. Table cloth
  15. Display sign & Price Tags
  16. Displays to showcase my items
  17. Chair/Stool
  18. Food and water
  19. Craft Work - that I can work on to pass the time
  20. Inventory list + of course, the stuff I'm going to sell + extras.
Now, for the number 15 and 16, I did a couple of research on several olshops in FB to get some displays for my accessory items, but heck ... the prices just blew me off the roof!  
God, they're expensive!

SooOOOooooo ... ooooo ....

to make the story short I made my own thang ... (so to speak) ;)

[Note: I got a lot of inspirations from the pins I saw on Pinterest.  It's truly a key to a lot of great ideas where we could work on, not to copy, but if possible, make a better version of (that's the spirit!)]

Made my own DIY - Display Tag from stock card, a jumble of vintage images plus printer
inspired by:

here's the link

also made this DIY - Accessory Display 'Tree',
(although I still have to wait for my daughters to come home w/ a perfect light weight tree branch to put in, lol!)
inspired by:

here's the link

aaand, TA-DAHH ..
a DIY - Makeshift Display Board from my son's 7th grade art assignment!
inspired by:

here's the link 

Next step, make a simple cardboard sign for my part of the booth, or if my other partners in crime agreed, a communal board instead! ^^

Stay tuned! ^^

Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found."

— James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)

Happy Crafting!


Eka Ratna said...

sooo jealooous...!

preparing for projects like this always excites me..

I saw your special pinterest board for this fair, and I can tell it's gonna be awesome. I wish I could go there!

But next month, its my turn to make you jealous mba Nuning.. there's an annual festival in Malang featuring 1940s theme.

There will be a lot of vintage and traditional stuff. I'll post every.single.detail just so you can feel my jealousy for your upcoming craft fair! muahahahahaha!

Mad Crafter said...

oh that's sooo cool! 1940's??

do tell me every juicy details, oh and pics, too! take lots and lots of 'em! :3

good luck with the festival and have tons of fun! {hugs}

Pingkan Anita D. said...

Mba, aku suka DIY Display board buatan putranya Mba. Keren....

Mad Crafter said...

makasih mba Pingkan, lebih puas rasanya kalo bisa swadaya :D

Damar Wijayanti said...

mbak ini kapan acaranya? jual banyak aksesoris vintage kah? >.<

Mad Crafter said...

Hai mba Damar Wijayanti^^
insya Allah acaranya juni 9 - 10, iyaah, rencananya mau jual aksesoris vintage disitu, datang yaah ^_^

Queen of Jumba Jamba said...

mba nuning, lucu sekali display2mu, semoga sukses ya craft fair nya (",)

Mad Crafter said...

makasih mba Windy, jadi tambah semangat nih, hehe - kemarin udah hampir ke inacraft mau ketemu temen2 IC disana, sayang 'pasukan'ku udah pada teler muter2 di semanggi nungguin komandannya, jadi terpaksa deh ngalah ... :( insya Allah dilain kesempatan kita ketemuan yaah, amiin .. ^^