Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'You're an Inspiration' Award

Yesterday mba Pinkan Anita D. from Pink's informed me {thru my shoutbox} that she had passed on to MCAW  a 'You're an Inspiration' Award ... :O   
Thank you so much for the award mba, love you blog and first of all, your creativity! ^^
Here it is:

TA DAAA ....
MCAW's first award {grin} ... 
Q: Am I happy? 
A: Oh yes, absolutely!
Q: Does it make me want to be more inspirative (if there's such a word!)? 
A: Of course!
Q: So what will be my next inspiration? 
A: Absolutely NO IDEA!

Yes, by having no idea it means I have all the freedom in the world to create whatever my heart desires - I've experimented with felt, fabric, beads, glass, digital thingy and whatnots. Now is the time to explore deeper  into the 'unknown', which {I think} makes life more interesting :)

Now, back to the award. 
The rules of the game for by receiving this award is that I have to do the followings:

1.Thank and link back to the person that awarded this to you
    First thing I did at the beginning of this post ^_^

2.Give the award to 10 blogs which are all inspiring in their own ways. ie. fashion, religious, random, islam/religion.
   I'm passing on the award to:
Wish I could include more Indonesian craft bloggers out there, but darn ... rules are rules :P

Back to blogging! ^^

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