Friday, July 15, 2011

My Wedding Banner

Been awhile .. I know.

All the designing work for FB profile has been really draining - felt like my brain is overheating ... ugh!
I've been itching to create something real with my hands, something that I can touch and not only see .. you know the feeling.

Well, inspired (again) by Salley Mavor's wedding banner, I wanted to make my own. Heyy, come to think of it, this would make a great anniversary gift also!

So here's what I did for my banner:

I randomly chose purple cotton yarn for our names since I only have 6 colors to choose from anyway (eek!) ... and I don't have the green florist wire as well so I used whatever wire I have from my beading supplies ... Why I chose green and purple felt? I didn't.  Those two were sitting on top of my felt stack (talk about uncomplicated).

For the wedding date I used my green colored cotton yarn and burnt orange thread for contrast ...

 I don't have the cool celtic accessories made of bones like Salley either (great stuff!), so I came up with these from my stash ...

Very fitting, as the four red stones represent our four children (yep, they're ALL ours .. lol!)

And VOILA! Here's what it looks like ... still unfinished though :(

I'm thinking of putting more embellishment around the wedding date area .. more sparklies maybe?
Dunno.  But I know I'll come up with something .. :)

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