Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY - Childproofing My Workspace

A couple of days ago my youngest cut her finger from playing with my metal ruler. The cut was not deep but still, it drew some blood :(

My fault really, I should have kept my crafting stuff out of my mini me's reach, she's a very curious busy bee and like to mimic me working - although she has her own stuff (kid friendly scissor, non-toxic crayon and stuff), she always want to use mommy's tool or play around with my thread box {ARRRGH!}.

As safety must come first, I sent the rusty machine in my head to think, think, think and gather around the things I already have at hand:

  1. a medium sized wooden rod that I had spray painted white weeks ago { I  knew it would become handy one day :) };
  2. an unused three legged garden support rod from ACE that I literally took apart;
  3. some piece of fabric cloth to make the hanging as well as a makeshift pouch to store my scissors - I added one made of felt for my heavy duty cutter (tadaaa, I finally used the sewing machine! muahahahah!) - {thanks Bimbi for the fabric!}
  4. a couple of  styrofoam backed 'memo board' to store my pins and needles, and
  5. a couple of medium sized concrete nails (can't do it without the nails, heh heh)
And here is how it turned out (click on pic for larger image):

All my scary tools are safe and sound in their own little pockets, the thread spools are easier to manage now AND the metal ruler, pins and needles out of reach of ms. mini me's little hands.


Now, this DOES NOT WORK for people who sew w/ a machine, but for people that do hand embroidery/sew by hand like me, the thread 'dispenser' works like a darling! :)

10 months later:

 I'm still using my loyal thread dispenser, the one thing I can't do without!


crazybluecat said...

you're welcome mg :)

Mad Crafter said...

Feels great when we can make something useful, doesn't it? Thx once again ppg! :))