Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Confession of an IC Workshop Addict ...

On Saturday, May 26, 2012, the Indonesian Crafter FB group had a double treat for its members - an exclusive members only 'Oshibana Workshop' (the art of making pictures with pressed flowers and plants) with Sri Alderina [founder of Oshibana Indonesia],  

and a free for all 'Matryoshka Key Chain & Key Cover Mini Workshop' with Indah Apsari Indryastuti - YAYY \(^o^)/ 

These free workshops took place at the FX Mall Senayan, where the Indonesian Crafter also participated in the Nirmana Award, an appreciation for the young Indonesian designers  ..

Nirmana Award
Chesiria Tattia, our  IC founder together with Indah Apsari Indryastuti, IC member slash tutor for the mini workshop later on that day, presented at the Nirmana Award
[courtesy of: Wildasari Hoste]
And let me tell you, both workshops were very interesting, enjoyable and most of all FUN, FUN, FUN!

Well, enough talk, just enjoy  the pics below:

Having a friendly chitchat among the IC members
[courtesy of: Wildasari Hoste]
Sri Alderina gave a short introduction into the Japanese art of pressed flowers, attending were Sheshe Suhendrio, Epie Santoso, Mega Dewi Chang, Windy Dhanutirto, Chesiria Tattia, Indah Apsari Indryastuti, myself, Wildasari Hoste and Enno Hayano Handmade
1. Sri Alderina, founder of  the Oshibana Indonesia  Community, 2. the basic 'ingredients' for making an oshibana bookmark,  3. Sri Alderina with Mega Dewi Chang, the winner with the best creation, 4. Enno from Hayano Handmade concentrating on her bookmark design

This is me with Naf, the youngest workshop participant ^^
[courtesy of: Wildasari Hoste]

And here are the results!  Sigh, aren't they lovely!!
After having a short lunch together with my family (yep, every IC workshop is a family affair for the Subastians :P), we continued downstairs to visit the IC Booth at the Nirmana Award:
Chesiria Tattia decorated this booth in early morning (2 -4 pm) while most of us were still asleep, such dedication is not to be dismissed easily, thumbs up for Miss Chesie!

Indonesian Crafter Booth

The Matryoshka key cover and key chain workshop
[courtesy of: Wildasari Hoste/Indah Apsari Indryastuti]
Me and Naf, doing workshop together^^
[courtesy of: Wildasari Hoste]
There were a lot of interesting things to see, and the kids and their dad went bonkers when they saw these, paper replicas from Peri Kertas:
Amazing, aren't they? Optimus Prime and Gundam made from paper replicas!
At about 4 pm we left FX Mall since the kids and hubby were dead tired, and this was the after-workshop scenes that I wanted to share with you:
Naf, tired but happy!
Zadia asleep with her Foxy Mask on [made by a fellow crafter,  Enno Hayano Handmade]
Me holding the Oshibana bookmark in front of my favorite hobo bag [made by teh Santhy from Raisy Tasthy]
Ahh, what a productive day it was .. so, don't blame me for being an IC Workshop Addict, cuz' you bet I'd do this again .. and again .. and again ..  ^_^

Thank you Indonesian Crafter, love you much!

PS: err ... maybe some of you were wondering why I wore such a bright outfit (it's ORANGE for heaven's sake!), well the dresscode for the workshops were 'bright and flowery', turned out I wore the brightest and have the most flowers on :P)


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tulisannya keren mba............. salam bikinanjari ;)

Mad Crafter said...

hihihi, makasihhhhh ;)

rika daniel said...

I wish I could attend one of this gathering someday..Love IC!, Zadia sampai kelelahan :p

Mad Crafter said...

Iyah mba Rika, insya Allah yah bisa ikutan W/S-nya IC someday ^^ Ho oh, sampe sekarang si foxy masknya jadi perangkat wajib dia kalo mau tidur, hehehe :D

Chesiria Tattia said...

wahahaaaha..dead tired..teleeerr sodara - sodara..seru ya mba tapinya..salam high five bt mas bastian yg rela di geret - geret..hihihi..:)

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